These are the beauty secrets son ye jin swears by

The A-các mục actress shares her simple beauty routine (no, it doesn’t involve sầu 10 steps) và best beauty tips


Whether you’ve sầu seen Korean actress Son Ye Jin in person or only on TV, the first thing that strikes you is how clear her skin is. In her latest thắm thiết comedy ‘Crash Landing on You’ which wrapped up over the weekkết thúc (Feb 16, 2020), Son Ye Jin, who plays a beautiful heiress và leading fashion businesswoman in South Korea, had flawless skin throughout the show whether she was dressed in a hot power suit or when she looked pale in a hospital gown.

​Her complexion is not just blemish-free, but also radiant.

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Even during our interview with her baông xã in 2017, the amiable A-menu actress, who just won Best Actress award in the film category at Baeksang trọng Arts Awards, showed off her bright, supple skin.

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She candidly told us that even her staff members were shocked at how radiant her skin was today.

Her secret? Skin Inc’s Multi-Masking Facial In A Flash mask & My Daily Dose serum, which was custom-blended for her skin type.


Photo: Skininc

“I was very surprised myself by the effectiveness. Next time, whenever I have sầu an important occasion, I’ll just go for this simple regime.”

Hearing her talk about the products with such conviction makes you realise that she was indeed the perfect candidate lớn be Skin Inc’s brand evangecác mục.

“I feel that as someone who uses the products, I belong to the consumer side, so I can be the bridge between the customers & Skin Inc. I believe sầu, as a woman và actress, I know the skin concerns the different age groups have, so I can mô tả my know-how & ideas.”


Photo: Son Ye Jin/Instagram

And it seems the brand found its way khổng lồ her heart even before she officially became a part of their family.

She said: “Previously, I came to lớn Singapore with other actresses for a holiday. We walked past Sephora & one of us received a sample – it was a Skin Inc sample. She really liked it and bought products the next day.

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At that point of time, I was in discussion on whether I should join Skin Inc, so it was a very interesting experience for me.

For a woman to lớn use the sản phẩm, and the moment she used it, she thinks it’s a good product and wants to lớn buy it, it makes me want khổng lồ work with them.”

In case you were wondering, her actress friover bought the Pure Revival Peel và one of the Optimizer devices (below): 



On the importance of cleansing:

“Recently, I’ve been using a lot of masks. In the past, I would use it around once a week, but nowadays, I use it almost everyday. 

Previously, I heard that it’s not good khổng lồ wash your face (with cleanser) in the morning, so I would just rinse my skin with water. 

But I realised that my skin is oily, so I need to cleanse every morning. Even when my schedule ends late at night, I would still cleanse my face.

I put in extra care inlớn cleansing.” 

On the best beauty tips she’s picked up over the years:


“You have sầu to lớn drink a lot of water. It’s not easy but a person has khổng lồ drink two khổng lồ three litres of water daily. 

You also have lớn sleep well, but that’s not easy either if you’re stressed. 

In Korea, the prevalence of microdust is very serious, so almost everyone has dry & sensitive sầu skin.

I really want to lớn recommover the Multi-Masking Facial in a Flas mask series and the Optimizer as part of their daily routine.” 

On why she doesn’t have a complex skincare routine: 

“It’s impossible to lớn vày 10 steps (laughs). I think it depends on the person’s skin type.

If you have very dry skin, even if you give a lot of nourishment, it might still be dry. So perhaps for those people, they need to vì chưng all 10 steps.

But in my case, having too many steps is too much. I prefer something simple, around one lớn two steps.”

On the products she brings along for travel:

“I bring a lot of things when I travel, especially when my skin becomes dry. I have oily skin, so putting on too many ingredients is not good for my skin, hence I usually go for hydrating ones.

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I also bring Skin Inc’s Pure Serum Mist which I apply before and after makeup. It’s very refreshing because it contains Onsen water from nhật bản. 



Facial masks are one of the must-brings for me when I go overseas. I also bring natural aloe vera – I would grind it myself khổng lồ apply on my skin for sunburn. 

Skin Inc has a hàng hóa for sunburn so I will bring that for my next overseas trip (laughs). 

On what she does for great skin:

Credit: Innoform Media

“Nowadays, it’s easy to get information online. There are a lot of products in the market, so I think it’s important lớn try the products to lớn know what suits me best.

I believe there’s no one sản phẩm that fits everyone or serves their skin concerns and purposes, so I try khổng lồ allocate which products to lớn use for when my skin is sensitive sầu or dry. 

I usually have a tight schedule and have a lachồng of sleep when I’m filming, so I try to lớn drink a lot of water và eat a lot of fruits.”

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