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The Last Princess is one of the movies I never knew I’ll fell in love sầu with. Who would’ve thought that this film is something so precious và eye-opening lớn know a few tidbits on the life of Korea’s last princess?

So here I am once again, recommending khổng lồ you anotherSon Ye Jinfilm that you should include in your movie danh mục.

The Last Princess, Deokhye

Young Princess and her Father | From Youtube

The movie takes a turn when a thirteen-year old Deokhye (portrayed by Klặng So Hyun) is forced lớn move to nhật bản with her Court Lady, Bok Soon (portrayed by Ra Mi Ran).

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Kim So Hyun as the teen Princess. | From Youtube

As much as her heart breaks khổng lồ leave, she knew deep down that not obeying the advice from his brothers may bring more harm lớn their people. Deokhye believed that she will go khổng lồ Japan lớn “study” & return home once finished.

Fast forward khổng lồ few years, Deokhye is now a completely grown woman, she still wishes lớn go bachồng to lớn Korea. She then meets Kyên Jang Han, who now serves for the Japanese army which gives her a slight hope lớn help her return trang chủ.

A Good Combination of Historical Facts và Fiction

What makes this film interesting lớn watch is that it was based on a true story. The main character actually existed and the story revolves around her life. It takes its viewers on a journey khổng lồ an important event in Korean history that highly influenced Korea we know today.

Here are some of the events from the film that were based on historical events:

Deokhye’s education in JapanHer forced marriage to lớn Count So Takeyuki (portrayed by Klặng Jae Wook)The sudden disappearance of her daughter, MasaeConfinement in mental institutionsReturn lớn Korea after 38 yearsKim Jae Wook and Son Ye Jin | Photo from Han Cinema

The execution of the abovementioned events was depicted in the film with a good addition of fiction. Adding up a bit of fiction in the movie made it more dramatic for the viewers.

Dreading for Motherland

The film mainly revolves around Deokhye’s several attempts lớn return to Korea. As she was taken away from her home & her mother at a young age, she became isolated & distant from the people around her. She doubted people around her knowing how Han Taek Soo has been betraying her và her family.

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Park Hae Il as Kim Jang Han | From Youtube

Luckily, she was able khổng lồ reunite with Klặng Jang Han who gave sầu her solace throughout the film. One thing I’ve sầu also noticed is that it was not only Princess Deokhye who’s longing to lớn return baông xã khổng lồ Korea. It was indeed her whole family & fellow countrymen who seemedtrappedin a country they weren’t familiar with, a country that isn’t their home page.

Princess Deokhye standing in front of the Korean People | From Youtube

Spoiler, the Princess’ attempts khổng lồ return home were all unsuccessful as depicted in the film. The experiences she had might be one of the triggers she became confined in a mental institution.

The Last Princess returns home

When Korea has finally gained full independence at the end of World War II, the monarchy in Korea has been abolished. The descendants of the Royals were all in exile or denied entry to return trang chủ for possible political revolutions.

Son Ye Jin as the adult Deokhye | From Youtube

It was a heartwarming scene when she was found by Kyên Jang Han after so many years. Isolated, alone, và unaware of what has changed in the world, it is a bittersweet reunion for the two leads.

Deokhye was granted permission to return khổng lồ Korea in 1962, where she is greeted by her court ladies. She has finally reunited with Bok Soon và has spent her final years in Nakseon Hall, Changdeok Palace till her death in 1989.

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Final Thoughts

Son Ye Jin did not disappoint me in this film! Her portrayal of Deokhye seems like the role was made for her. She really deserves bagging the Best Actress award in Baekthanh lịch và Grand Bell baông xã in năm nhâm thìn.

Did this film make me cry? Absolutely. Ye Jin’s acting was spot-on making me sympathize with her character all throughout. Got to lớn mention Park Hae Il’s outstanding performance in this film as well! And yes, Ra Mi Ran nailed her performance as the most loyal court lady every princess could ask for.

Story-wise, it is indeed an enlightening yet heartbreaking film. I’ve sầu felt Deokhye’s desperation of wanting lớn come baông xã trang chủ. It made me underst& more how Korea was like under Japanese rule. Which I can relate lớn as the Philippines were also colonized by nhật bản during World War II.

Even though several parts of the film were fictionalized, its execution can make the audience feel like they’ve been with the characters baông chồng in the day. The film is such a fantastic approach for people interested to lớn learn more about the last days of Korea’s Joseon Dynasty.

Overall rating: 10/10

Luckily bes, you can stream The Last Princess on Netflix! You can watch it here and don’t forget to tóm tắt your feels~!