Son Ye Jin Và Kim So Hyun

At one point in your K-drama binge-watching journey, you may have come across these Korean actors & actresses who look alượt thích & found yourself Googling them just to be sure whether they are who you think they are. Sometimes people get confused, too, with their similar-sounding names(e.g. Son Ye-jin - Seo Ye-ji & Klặng Soo-hyun - Kim So-hyun).

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When some people watch K-dramas, it"s common for them lớn rehotline or be reminded of the series they previously saw the stars in; for sure, you can relate with statements lượt thích "Oh, wasn"t she the one in *insert movie or K-drama title* as well?"Perhaps newer K-drama fans have sầu also asked themselves: "Where have sầu I seen hyên or her before?" Then upon Googling, there may have sầu been instances when the actor/actress you think you watched before didn"tactually turn out lớn be the star in the series you"re currently watching. Did you seeMr. SunshineandHi Bye, Mama!and think they featured the same actress? You"re not alone in thinkingthat!

Even some of these Korean actors and actresses who look alượt thích acknowledge theresemblances of their physical features. In an interview, Krystal commented on how Yoomãng cầu looks like her sister—"I"ve heard so much talk about how I look more lượt thích Yoomãng cầu unnie than Jessica unnie;" Krystal"s sister Jessica is also an actress & a former thành viên of K-Pop girl group Girls" Generation.

Lee Hyun-woo met his look-alike Park Bo-gum by chance& said of their encounter, "I met hyên ổn in the lecture room as we were waiting for our university matriculation to lớn start. I"d heard that we looked alike, so as soon as I saw hyên ổn he seemed very familiar."

Kyên ổn Min-jae had also been so used to lớn being told he looks lượt thích Yeo Jin-goo.

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Although he doesn"t mind the comparison, he hopes that someday he"ll be known simply as Kyên ổn Min-jae. He told HeraldPOP, "I"ve sầu heard that so often now that I don"t really feel anything. I just think, "Oh, I see."I went lớn the same school as Jin Goo. We"re very different people, but people around us always say we look alượt thích. So I"m lượt thích, "I see,"but I don"t actually think about it that much. This was true bachồng when I debuted & it"s true now–I"ve lived a different lifefrom Yeo Jin Goo and I"m sure I have sầu different values và directions in life. I think that if I just live sầu my life, one day I"ll become "just Kim Min Jae.""

What Kyên ổn Min-jae said must be emphasized, though. They may resemble each other and have sầu been compared countless times looks-wise, but they are different people who have different career goals and paths anddefinitely have sầu achievements of their own.

Chechồng outthe gallery below to see these Korean actors và actresses who look alike: