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“Gay Trio” in Korean?

In 2013, there was suddenly an anonymous topic on social networking sites with nội dung about the gay relationship “3 hands” of 3 beautiful beauties. According khổng lồ this rumor, A and B are two famous beautiful actresses who love sầu the same singer named F.

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A & F get to know each other at a các buổi party & quickly fall in love sầu. Thanks lớn her reputation, A – a wealthy A-danh sách actress – F established many good relationships in the film industry.

Son Ye Jin is seen as character A in the rumors?

A even gave F an expensive oto. B & F often meet at trang chủ & in the oto. Not only that, B also knows the relationship between A & F.

Outwardly, they often show that they don’t know each other very well.

Rumor has it that A & B are pretty busy with shooting schedules & they often feel depressed about not being with F because he or she has a foreign schedule. It was reported that F was so in love sầu that he didn’t focus on his acting.

Yuri from SNSD is called F?

This anonymous topic has quickly become one that has attracted the attention of many public opinion. Although this topic is recorded as the anonymity of rumors, there are situations that are fairly honest & clear, and that many people believe sầu they are correct. Others seem suspicious of information for this ambiguous part.

A lot of people talked about this topic for a long time in bạn forums.

Han Ye Seul

For several years, in năm ngoái, when interviewed about why there weren’t any dating rumors, Son Ye Jin suddenly hinted at homosexuality. When asked about the role she wants to address, the actress said: “So far, films about men & women have sầu loved each other very much. But if I get the chance, I want to try a lesbian role. For example Thelma & Louise in the monster film. I don’t have a chance.” trend <đồng tính> Star? I think so. I think I’ll have sầu trouble saying that. “

On that day, many people believed the actress loaned an interview khổng lồ chia sẻ her gender issue.

At the same time, Sport’s Seoul newspaper published an article of the same title about the gay love sầu story of three famous stars, including Han Ye Seul, but it was quickly scrapped.

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Immediately afterwards, an anonymous topic with questionable names suddenly appeared. Many people think that A is Son Ye Jin, B is Han Ye Seul, và F is Yuri (SNSD).

What is the truth

Although all three actors never voiced this rumor, many people believe that this information is extremely unfounded. Because Son Ye Jin’s năm ngoái interview is all about telling how she’d lượt thích to try lớn act in films with different types of characters.

The fans of Son Ye Jin themselves always know that his idol is someone who does not want lớn stereotype a certain image, but pursues a different look. Hence, the idea that Son Ye Jin shares her gender through interviews about her desired role is somewhat attributed.

In addition, the fact that Son Ye Jin has never publicly dated any actor cannot become the reason she is the A character in anonymous rumors on social networks.

Han Ye Seul & Teddy separated after 3 years of dating.

Additionally, two other characters, Han Ye Seul and Yuri, went public with their dating stories in the rumors with Son Ye Jin. In particular, Han Ye Seul had an affair with the famous YG producer Teddy. Although the two separated after a three-year relationship, Han Ye Seul & Teddy’s love sầu was still very popular when they were together.

Yuri và player Oh Seung Hwan all left after 6 months together.

In April năm ngoái, Yuri publicly dated baseball player Oh Seung Hwan after both pictures were taken by Dispatch. Although the two broke up not long afterwards, the rumors of same-sex dating made little sense.

However, for a while, in 2018, that rumor was suddenly unearthed when it was discovered that Son Ye Jin và Yuri were suddenly wearing “double clothes” that were a hat & a shirt. Even on Naver, Son Ye Jin’s name is often displayed next to lớn Yuri’s name.

Coincidentally, the couple’s photos appeared while both Son Ye Jin & Yuri were in France. In particular, Yuri & some members of the SNSD went to lớn France lớn film the “Girls’ Forest” show. After filming was over, Yuri decided to lớn stay và travel. At the same time, son Ye Jin was also traveling to France.

At that time, the names Yuri và Son Ye Jin became a lively topic on social networks. The noise of the old year was even livelier when Yuri, Son Ye Jin, & Han Ye Seul were all single.

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Over the years, people stopped mentioning gay rumors about Son Ye Jin, Yuri, or Han Ye Seul, but the identity of the “trio” in the anonymous post is still an unsolved mystery. Kbiz người.

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