Photos of song hye kyo from 1998

Contrary to lớn what many people believe sầu, the epic romance between South Korean stars Song Joong-Ki and Song Hye-Kyo began way baông chồng in 2012 — long before the filming of Descendants of the Sun.

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Apparently, Song Joong-ki had a little crush on Song Hye-kyo even before the pair started shooting for the military romance.

Although it was only in February năm nhâm thìn that fans witnessed the spectacular on-screen chemistry between Captain Yoo Shi-jin & Dr. Kang Mo-yeon, in real life the duo met long before the conceptualization of the military K-drama.

The meet dễ thương happened in 2012 when Song Hye-kyo was shooting for the Korean TV series That Winter The Wind Blows with actor Jo In-sung.

As far as Song Hye-kyo could rethành viên, Song Joong-ki made a surprise visit to lớn the sets of That Winter The Wind Blows, as he was good friends with her co-star Jo In-sung.

"We didn"t talk long that day. As I"m the sunbae (senior), all he did was greet me and he left," she told Sunny Town.

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After this meet-up, Song Joong-ki and Song Hye-kyo ran into lớn each other a couple of times. Looking bachồng, she said that by some stroke of coincidence, they would over up bumping into each other at the same coffee shop (clearly a sign that Song Joong-ki was having a schoolboy crush on the elegant Song Hye-kyo).

As for Song Joong-ki, he was elated when he heard that he would be filming Descendants of the Sun with his dream woman.

The actor stated that he was a bạn of Song Hye-kyo & had watched many of her dramas, but never did he imagine that someday he would be playing her knight in shining armor — in reel life và in real life.

Even on the sets of Descendants of the Sun, the crew knew they have gotten cthất bại as friends, but never did they imagine that the duo would be partners for life.

Song Joong-ki"s little crush on Song Hye-kyo blossomed inkhổng lồ a loving relationship when he got to know the actress better during the filming of Descendants of the Sun. In an interview this week, he said that Song Hye-kyo is beautiful inside out. The actor said his world changed for the better when he let Song Hye-kyo into lớn his life. He also added that she has positive influence on him và almost always brings out the best in hyên. He said that he is fortunate to have made a true friend for life. The couple will tie the knot in October.

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Here is Song Joong-ki"s recent interview (with English subtitles), where he talks about Song Hye-kyo.As far as fans are concerned, Song Joong-ki và Song Hye-kyo are made for each other.

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