Remember when hyun bin had denied being in love with song hye kyo?

If you are like most other K-pop fans, you would think that Hyun Bin and Song Hye Kyo make a dễ thương couple. The pair have sầu dated before, back in 2008, before breaking up in 2011. After that Song Hye Kyo got married to lớn Song Joong Ki và as for Hyun Bin, he was rumoured lớn be dating his co-stars but there was no official news on who he was dating.

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Last year, Song Hye Kyo got divorced and since then, her love sầu life has been attracting attention. Park Bo Gum, her Encounter co-star was rumoured lớn be her lachạy thử squeeze but he denied the rumours.

The latest news is that Song Hye Kyo is dating her ex-boyfriover Hyun Bin. In 2008, they were linked together after acting in the Korean drama The World They Live In & a year later, they officially announced that they were dating. The couple broke up in 2011 before Hyun Bin got enlisted for military service. Their representatives said the breakup was due to lớn busy schedules và “overwhelming căng thẳng caused by public attention.” Both Hyun Bin and Song Hye Kyo “did not have time lớn giảm giá with such problems.”

Fans became excited recently when Song Hye Kyo’s friend, Park Sol Mi uploaded a screenshot for the soundtrack of The World They Live sầu In. Song Hye Kyo then commented on the post saying “Sister…Hahaha.” The actress closed the comment section when fans asked Sol Mi if the couple is back together.

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Screenshot of the soundtrachồng for The World They Live In. Picture: Instagram

That was not the only ‘evidence’ that fans dug up about the two. At the beginning of the month, fans found out that Song Hye Kyo uploaded a photo lớn take looked alượt thích like the one where Hyun Bin is shooting for an advertisement.

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Song Hye Kyo’s photo lớn looked lượt thích the place where Hyun Bin shot his advertisement. Picture: Instagram

And in another instance, Song Hye Kyo posted a selfie with a friover and she was wearing a necklace with the letters ‘S’ and ‘H’. Fans pointed out that it could be the initials for Song Hye Kyo’s surname and ‘H’ for Hyun Bin.

The necklace that Song Hye Kyo wore had the initials S & H. Picture: Instagram

These ‘evidence’ may be sufficient for fans lớn conclude that the Hallyu stars are dating again but we will never know unless they officially announce it. Until then, one can only hope. /TISGFollow us on Social Media

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