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Song Joong Ki & Song Hye Kyo have sầu split up.

After all, the couple that everyone was shipping had broken down, and apparently, Song Hye-Kyo had mentioned that it was due lớn “differences in personality”.

But is that all it is?

It turns out that this perfect relationship that has gone down the drain might be a plot for a Korean drama after all.

Because someone has spoken, và it looks like the pilot episode of a Korean drama.

Song Joong Ki’s Brother, Song Seungki, Spoke Out

Well, not exactly.

Song Joong Ki’s brother, Song Seungki, might be a typical low-protệp tin brother of a superstar, but he has a massive following on Instagram: with over 27K followers, he’s rather well-known, though, lượt thích any father, he posted mainly images of his children.

Maybe people were following him in hopes of seeing Song Joongki in his candid and unglam moments, which they’ll be sorely disappointed.

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But now, he’s suddenly being thrust inkhổng lồ the limelight.

The superstar’s brother suddenly posted an image in his Instagram Story, claiming that it’s all a cover-up.

A Cover-Up?

In case you think that some Chinese have sầu hacked into his tài khoản, don’t worry: the guy studied in Đài Loan Trung Quốc for eight years, so his Chinese is probably better than yours.

Of course, this led to netizens wondering if someone’s covering up anything: given that Song Seungki should be on his brother’s side, netizens were convinced that Song Hyo-Kye was covering something up.

And it’s not just that.

After the announcement, Song Seungki unfollowed Song Hyo-kyo on Instagram, và even deleted all images that has the female Song on it.

Still think it’s a coincidence, or that we think too much?

And there’s more.


Song Joong Ki’s Father Knew About It Through the Media

According to lớn an unnamed source, Song Hye-Kyo had seldom attended Song Joong Ki’s family events, & Song Joongki was often caught in an awkward spot when his relatives asked about his wife.

But what’s even more shocking is that even Song Joong Ki’s father didn’t know about the split until he read the news.

The elder Song apparently “seemed jovial the day before the announcement. But ever since the news broke out, he hasn’t been in tương tác with anyone.”

Since then, he had not left his house.

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So, what really happened in the Song family?

No one would know, but if anything, I’ll stichồng to reality & remind myself that Korean dramas are merely…dramas.

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