Song hyekyo turns 38

Happy birthday, Song Hye-kyo! The Korean actress of Descendents Of The Sun fame turns 37 today, & she’s starring in her first K-drama, Boyfriend, since getting married to lớn co-star Song Joong-ki last year. Widely regarded as one of the most beautiful Korean actresses, Hye-kyo has even been the face of two major K-beauty brands, including Laneige & Sulwhasoo. Known for her radiant, dewy, she is rarely seen with heavy makeup and lets her natural beauty shine through.

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From her days as an ambassador for Laneige lớn her current role as the face of Sulwhasoo, the products she has endorsed never fail lớn fly off the shelves as women from all over the world rush to emulate her enviable glow. Here are six essential skincare và makeup steps khổng lồ follow for radiant skin like Song Hye-kyo:
6 Beauty Tips For Radiant Skin Like Korean Actress Song Hye-kyo
1. Always Cleanse Your Skin Thoroughly

We all know that beautiful makeup starts with beautiful skin, và beautiful skin can only be achieved when it is thoroughly cleansed so skincare products are able to lớn penetrate effectively. This means making a conscientious effort to lớn double cleanse your skin daily, especially at the kết thúc of the day.

Begin with using a cleansing oil or cleansing milk that melts away makeup & grime, before following with a cleansing foam that eliminates excess sebum và dirt for clearer, healthier skin. Once or twice a week, depending on your skin type, don’t forget lớn exfoliate your skin khổng lồ ensure that dead skin cells are not left to lớn accumulate as they can lead khổng lồ clogged pores và dullness.

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2. Invest In A Sound Skincare Routine

After cleansing, it is important to follow immediately with a skincare step like an essence or lotion khổng lồ replenish và rebalance skin with moisture. As the face of luxury Korean skincare brvà, Sulwhasoo, Hye-kyo swears by its First Care Activating Serum EX, $115 (60 ml) (below, left). With an ultra-light gel-fluid texture, it is easily absorbed inkhổng lồ the skin, infusing it with the hydrating & revitalising powers of traditional Korean herbs.


Next, proceed with an eye product like Laneige’s Time Freeze Eye Serum, $69 (20 ml) (above, middle), which is packed with ingredients that tư vấn collagene production và improve sầu microcirculation for firmer, brighter eye contours. 

Then follow with a serum of your choice khổng lồ deliver a concentrated amount of potent actives lớn address your skin concerns. Try Clarins Hydra-Essentiel Bi-Phase Serum, $98 (30 ml) (above, right), if hydration is your main issue. It deeply hydrates while strengthening skin’s barrier function so it retains moisture better. Or opt for Sulwhasoo’s Concentrated Ginseng Renewing Serum, $265 (50 ml), if wrinkles & a loss of elastithành phố are among mỏi your top concerns, as it improves skin firmness, plumpness, smoothness và brightness for a youthful

As a final step of your skincare, finish with a moisturiser lớn seal in all the goodness of the products applied.

If there’s something we can all learn from Korean women & their beauty regimes, it is the fact that they’re obsessed with masking. Think of masks as an intensive DIY facial lớn give sầu your skin a surge of moisture & nutrients. Be it cream masks, sheet masks, or even sleeping masks, frequent masking can your existing skincare routine & greatly improve sầu the condition of your skin. Plus, sheet masks are individually packed, making them super convenient for travel so you can pamper your skin while being on the go. 

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