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Song Hye Kyo Facts And News

Song Hye Kyo is known for her elegance & beauty in the Korean entertainment industry. If you’re curious to know what the actress has been up khổng lồ after the Song-Song couple’s split, including her public appearances & getting baông xã together with her ex, here are đôi mươi Song Hye Kyo facts for you.

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1. Was not expected to survive sầu as a baby

Song Hye Kyo was born on 22 November 1981 in Daegu, South Korea.

She fell sick as a newborn & was not expected lớn survive beyond a few days. Fortunately, she recovered, & her parents registered her birth on 26 February 1982 instead of her actual birthday on 22 November 1981.

2. Did figure skating


The actress trained as a figure skater in her elementary school days up until eighth grade. Though she has stopped pursuing the sport, she has flaunted her figure skating skills in the K-drama Full House (2004) và an advertisement for a Smartphone phone brvà.

3. Started out as a model


After winning the SunKyung Smart Model Conkiểm tra at the age of 14, she went on to lớn model for a school unisize company. She was then cast in New Generation Report: Adults Don’t Know (1995) & First Love (1996) as minor characters.

4. Used to lớn be a host for music programmes

Song Hye Kyo was a host for Korean music programmes Inkigayo in 1998 và Music Bank in 2000. Her appearance as a host on those programmes marked her increasing popularity in Korea.

Other A-list actors và actresses who hosted music programmes early in their career include Song Joong Ki, Park Seo Joon và Jun Ji Hyun.

5. Had her breakthrough with Autumn in My Heart


Five years after her acting debut, Song Hye Kyo rose to lớn fame with Autumn in My Heart (2000). 


In an interview, the actress singled out Autumn in My Heart as a turning point in her career. Prior to the melodrama, she had only acted in small or comedic roles. Her role as the unfortunate female lead in Autumn in My Heart alongside Won Bin & Song Seung Heon gained her recognition in the acting industry.

6. Has been in several chart-topping dramas

Song Hye Kyo and Rain for Full House (2004)Source

Song Hye Kyo followed up on the success of Autumn in My Heart with one chart-topping drama after another, such as All In (2003) and Full House. 

Her most recent hit Korean dramas include That Winter, the Wind Blows (2013), in which she acted as a blind woman who doesn’t believe sầu in love, và Descendants of the Sun (2016).

7. Has won numerous awards

On top of the other numerous awards she has won throughout her career, the actress has won the Daesang (aka the Grvà Prize) award twice. Once in 2013 at the APAN Star Awards for her work in That Winter, the Wind Blows, & a second time in năm 2016 at the KBS Drama Awards for Descendants of the Sun. 

Song Hye Kyo’s double wins cemented her status as a Hallyu star.

8. Speaks 5 languages fluently

Song Hye Kyo speaking English in Encounter (2019)Source

The actress is able to speak a total of 5 languages, namely Korean, English, Mandarin, Cantonese & Japanese.

9. Has been in international works

Song Hye Kyo in The Grandmaster (2013)Source

Song Hye Kyo made her Hollywood debut with the movie Make Yourself at Home (2008), a story about a Korean woman who moves to New Jersey and becomes obsessed with her neighbours. She also starred in the Hong Kong film, The Grandmaster (2013), by Wong Kar Wai.

10. Signed with a Hong Kong production company

Song Hye Kyo announced in early 2019 that she had joined Jet Tone Films. The production and talent management company was established in 1992 by Wong Kar Wai.

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11. Has two sides khổng lồ her personality


Song Hye Kyo is known for her grace & elegance, yet her co-stars have sầu revealed that she also has a quirky & fun side that we don’t always get khổng lồ see. You can catch a glimpse of it on the sitcom, Soonpoong Clinic, where she plays the very funny and relatable Oh Hye Kyo.


No wonder her drunk acting in Descendants of the Sun looks pretty natural.

12. Is good friends with Fin.K.L members

The actress with Fin.K.L membersSource

For those of you who don’t know Fin.K.L, it’s a 4-thành viên K-pop group consisting of Lee Hyo Ri, Sung Yu Ri, Ock Joo Hyun và Lee Jin. They debuted in 1998, and were massively popular in Korea. 

Song Hye Kyo is closest to members Ochồng Joo Hyun & Lee Jin as they met in high school và are still friends lớn this day. They often phản hồi on each other’s posts on Instagram showing love sầu và support for one another.

13. Dated famous actors

Lee Byung Hun and Song Hye KyoSource

The actress dated her All In (2003) co-star Lee Byung Hun in 2003. They broke up in 2004.

Song Hye Kyo & Hyun BinSource

In 2008, she dated her co-star from Worlds Within (2008), Hyun Bin. The pair broke up in 2011 after Hyun Bin enlisted in the Marine Corps. 

14. Married and divorced Song Joong Ki

The Song-Song couple on their wedding daySource

While filming the hit K-drama Descendants of the Sun, Song Hye Kyo got into lớn a relationship with actor Song Joong Ki. The power couple were married on 31 October 2017 and divorced on 22 July 2019. According to a statement from Song Hye Kyo’s agency, the split was due to lớn a “difference in personality.”

The actress spotted in FranceSource

Following her divorce, the actress stated that she would be taking time off work for the rest of 2019. Shortly after, she was spotted in France on a holiday. She also enrolled in an art school in Thủ đô New York City. 

Word on the street at the moment is that she’s bachồng with her ex-boyfriover Hyun Bin, the hunk from Crash Landing On You. Fans have dug up proof lớn back up the clayên, citing evidence such as Song Hye Kyo’s necklace bearing the initials ‘S’ và ‘H’ (for herself & Hyun Bin). For now, the rumours remain as mere speculation.

15. Faced criticism for her dating life

Her lãng mạn relationships with her co-stars have sầu caused her to lớn receive sầu flak from the Korean online community. Korean netizens are notorious for being critical of K-idols’ actions, including when it comes to lớn dating. 

The actress took legal action against her haters in July 2019, about a month after her divorce news made the headlines.

16. Maintained her public image even after her divorce

Song Hye Kyo at an event for Chaumet in October 2019Source

The actress made her first public appearance 3 months after her divorce at an sự kiện in Seoul for jewellery brand Chaumet.

17. Is an ambassador for many renowned brands

The actress attending Chaumet’s gala dinner in MonacoSource

Song Hye Kyo is currently the Asian ambassador for Chaumet. She has also been the face of brands such as Dyson and Sulwhasoo.

18. Considered one of Korea’s most beautiful women

It’s Time For Hye Kyo bookSource

Song Hye Kyo has released 2 photobooks to lớn date. The first book, Song Hye Kyo’s Moment, includes photographs of her shot by top photographers in Thành Phố New York City, Buenos Aires và Paris. In 2012, she released It’s Time For Hye Kyo. It is available on Amazon.

19. Is philanthropic

The actress is known for her frequent donations, most of which are towards helping children và animals.

Along with professor Seo Kyoung Duk from Sungshin Women’s University, she has also been donating guide books about the Korean independence movement overseas for the past 8 years khổng lồ raise awareness about Korean history.

20. Is in talks khổng lồ start on a new movie

Song Hye Kyo was offered a role in June 2019 for an upcoming movie, Anna. She is said khổng lồ be “positively reviewing it”.

Besides the film offer, there has been no news about her on-screen appearances since her divorce.

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Song Hye Kyo Is One Of South Korea’s Biggest Stars

If you’ve sầu been waiting for Song Hye Kyo’s on-screen comebachồng after her split, keep yourself updated with her occasional posts on Instagram lớn see what she’s been up to.

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