The rumoured reasons behind song joong ki and song hye kyo’s divorce

 The analysis of the Chinese truyền thông media about Song Joong Ki – Song Hye Kyo couple attracted everyone’s attention.

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Recently, the Chinese truyền thông suddenly shared a topic related khổng lồ Song Joong Ki and immediately sparked controversy with many mixed opinions. The article begins with the title: After leaving Song Hye Kyo, Song Joong Ki’s fortune also ends.

 At the beginning of the article, the writer pointed out that a series of Song Joong Ki’s comeback works are not as successful as the actor expected. After the divorce, Song Joong Ki spent a year filming with the ambition to lớn return and achieve more success, but it seems that everything did not turn out as well as he wished.

After providing evidence, the article also mentions the marriage of Song Joong Ki and Song Hye Kyo. After being exposed by the truyền thông media, Song Joong Ki và Song Hye Kyo proactively announced their relationship and confirmed the wedding. The wedding of Song Joong Ki and Song Hye Kyo was the hotdemo sự kiện of the Asian entertainment industry back in 2017.

 In June 2019, Song Joong Ki, through his lawyer, filed for divorce. chú ý that he filed for divorce directly, not through his agency, and perhaps this is the foundation of Song Joong Ki’s damaged personal relationships.


 Immediately after Song Joong Ki’s action, many people discussed the reason for the divorce of the golden couple. Some even speculated: Song Hye Kyo did something wrong lớn Song Joong Ki, causing hyên khổng lồ collapse & decide to lớn unilaterally divorce.


Responding to the speculation from netizens, the court responded that: Both decided khổng lồ divorce, no one is at fault, there is no financial compensation.

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The only response of Song Hye Kyo at that time was to quietly delete all photos taken with her ex-husb& on social media. It was revealed that the one who wanted khổng lồ divorce first was Song Hye Kyo, but Song Joong Ki quickly published it lớn turn himself into lớn a “victim” in order khổng lồ protect his personal interests.

 After the divorce, the mutual friends of Song Hye Kyo & Song Joong Ki left Song Joong Ki one by one. Even actor Klặng Min Seok – who played a supporting role in Descendants of the Sun also has a clear stance.


Previously, Klặng Min Seok used to follow an account, plaka929 – the account that was said to be Song Joong Ki. He also once revealed that he is a “hardcore fan” of the couple. However, after the divorce, Kim Min Seok unfollowed this tài khoản, but he và Song Hye Kyo still followed each other. The actor also often likes Song Hye Kyo’s posts và supports his senior actress.

 According khổng lồ the article, Song Joong Ki’s cthua kém friends from before, well-known actors such as Lee Kwang Soo, Jo In Sung, Do Kyung Soo… also no longer remain in a relationship with him. Song Joong Ki is often seen absent from this group’s gathering.

 Additionally, Song Joong Ki used khổng lồ be called “the God’s son” for succeeding in both his career and relationship but perhaps things have changed now. Not only was his career negatively affected, his relationships got problems too. Song Joong Ki’s friends might have also left him. The article ends with the question: “Divorcing Song Hye Kyo, has Song Joong Ki’s luông xã also gone?”.

Right after the article was published, it got many netizens’ attention. Many people believe sầu that these are groundless points & completely unconvincing. According khổng lồ Song Joong Ki’s fans, his not so successful comebaông xã works are partly due to lớn the impact of the pandemic. Moreover, Song Joong Ki’s personal relationships are extremely private, so it is impossible khổng lồ confirm that he no longer hangs out with his friends.

Still, there are some people who agree with this article & clayên ổn that leaving Song Hye Kyo seems lớn be a negative sign in Song Joong Ki’s life.