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Trouble dozing off? Your Amazon Echo or Alexa-enabled device can play sounds, music, stories, và guided meditations khổng lồ send you off to lớn dreamlvà, và then turn them off as you snooze with an Alexa Sleep Timer.

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Sleep Sounds offers a host of different sounds designed to lớn lull you to lớn sleep. Choose from a vast array, including rain, a train, crickets, wind, a shower, wind chimes, a whale, a waterfall, a lake, và seagulls. (A full danh sách is on và the Sleep Sounds website; get it sent lớn your Alexa ứng dụng by saying "Alexa, ask Sleep Sounds for a các mục.")

To hear a specific sound, say “Alexa, ask Sleep Sounds for ,” such as “Alexa, ask Sleep Sounds for ocean waves” or “Alexa, ask Sleep Sounds for fireplace.” Alexa then plays your chosen sound. The skill does try to lớn sell you a premium subscription, but if you can get past the kinh doanh pitch, you’ll find a lot of soothing sounds here.

Relaxing Sounds


Similar lớn Sleep Sounds, Relaxing Sounds will play a variety of sounds, such as ocean waves, a babbling brook, a rainforest, frogs, pink noise, windy trees, rain on a tent, dripping water, a blizzard, an owl, cicadas, and loons.

To learn all the sounds, check the skill’s Alexa page or say “Alexa, ask Relaxing Sounds for a menu.” To hear a specific sound, say “Alexa, ask Relaxing Sounds for ,” such as “Alexa, ask Relaxing sounds for windy leaves” or “Alexa, ask Relaxing sounds for a boat ride.” You can also say “Alexa, ask Relaxing Sounds for a random sound,” to let the skill piông chồng a sound.

Sweet Dreams: Sounds & Meditations for Sleep


Sweet Dreams is a skill that will play either sounds or short meditations. For a sound, say “Alexa, ask Sweet Dreams to play .” You can hear rain, surf, a stream, a forest, a canyon, a desert, or a brook.

For a short meditation, say “Alexa, ask Sweet Dreams to lớn play .” Here, you can opt for meditations such as “Falling Asleep,” “Soften và Relax,” “Breathing in Waves,” và “Review the Day.” Each meditation runs for a certain number of minutes and provides guided steps for deep breathing và other actions designed khổng lồ calm your mind và body toàn thân.

sleep w/ me


The sleep w/ me guided sleep meditation offers just one meditation, but it’s a soothing one, complete with a comforting voice that takes you through deep breathing. Say “Alexa, play Sleep meditation.” The 18-minute meditation starts off by prompting you khổng lồ lie down và listen lớn the sound of the person’s voice. After asking you khổng lồ take three deep breaths, the voice gently helps you relax in your quest for sleep.

Guided Sleep Meditation: Ultimate Deep Relaxation


With the Guided Sleep Meditation skill, a calming voice helps you combat insomnia by providing a soothing và reassuring meditation. Say “Alexa, open Guided Sleep Meditation” khổng lồ begin, and the skill will over on its own so you don’t need khổng lồ manually turn it off or mix a timer.

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Sleep by Nature Made


The Sleep by Nature Made skill offers two types of routines to help you fall asleep. Say “Alexa, open Sleep by Nature Made.” The narrator asks whether you would lượt thích a visualization or nature sounds. Make your choice, and the audio starts up. If you opt for visualization, the nature sounds automatically follow and last for 60 minutes.

Yoga Nidra For Sleep


Yoga Nidra is designed more for relaxation than sleep. However, the Yoga Nidra for Sleep skill can help calm your mind và body toàn thân lớn put youin a restful state before sleep. Say “Alexa, open Yoga Nidra Meditation.” A voice starts off by asking you lớn inhale & exhale while counting backwards. The meditation continues for 20 minutes, after which time you hopefully will feel more relaxed and restful.




Relaxing Sounds: Spa Music


You can listen lớn restful music before going to lớn sleep with the Relaxing Sounds skill. Say: “Alexa, play spa chăm sóc sức khỏe và làm đẹp music.” Alexa immediately starts playing soothing music designed to lớn help you relax. Simply let the music play as you fall asleep.

Sleep Music by Urban Yogi


Sleep Music by Urban Yogi is another skill that aims to help you drift off khổng lồ sleep by serving up relaxing music, sounds, & meditations. Say “Alexa, start Sleep Music.” Alexa plays restful music và sounds to clear your mind & relax your body toàn thân in your quest for sleep.

Sleep Stories


Whether you’re an adult trying to fall asleep or you have a child struggling khổng lồ drift off, sometimes a good bedtime story can help. With the Sleep Stories skill, a male or female voice tells you a story designed to help you drift off.

Say “Alexa, play Sleep Stories,” & the voice starts narrating a random story. If you don’t lượt thích the current story, just say “Alexa, ask Sleep Stories lớn play next story” & a new story starts playing.

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Alexa Sleep Timer


Many of these skills will continue playing until you say "Alexa, stop." If you don"t want them running all night, activate your skill of choice & then say "Alexa, set a sleep timer for ."For example, you could say “Alexa, ask Sleep Sounds for ocean waves." When the wave sound begins, say "Alexa, set a sleep timer for one hour." Alexa will acknowledge the request, and the wave sound will stop after 60 minutes.

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