Foot spa

One of the best parts of getting a pedicure is the moment when you slip your feet inlớn that tub of warm water và immediately feel the soothing relief coming on. That feeling doesn"t have sầu khổng lồ be limited to a spa date. You can mimic it at home page by getting your own foot bath.

The best foot spas aren"t just buckets of water for you khổng lồ soak your feet in. Many of them offer features lượt thích temperature control khổng lồ make your water toasty, massage nodes for you to lớn target your feet"s pressure points, or vibration khổng lồ màn chơi up the bennies of your foot soak, and plenty of them are pretty affordable, too.

So take the plunge, và add a foot spa làm đẹp lớn your life ASAP. Here are the best foot baths of 2020, based on user đánh giá.


If you"re looking for an affordable option, you can"t go wrong with this foot spa chăm sóc sức khỏe và làm đẹp from Homedics. It"s splash-proof, bubbles up for that extra relief, and comes with a removable pumice stone you can use to rid your feet of dead skin.

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Now you can treat your feet lớn a nice warm bath without hopping in the shower. This foot bath heats up lớn keep water warm at any temperature between 95-118 degrees Fahrenheit. It also comes with removable dotted massage rollers you can rub your feet against for a deep massage that targets pressure points.


You won"t even have sầu lớn lift a finger lớn get this foot bath going. Well, maybe just khổng lồ get the water in there, but after that you can operate its features with the toe-touch button. It starts up fairly quickly, so you can relax khổng lồ some bubbles, heat, and feel-good mát xa nodes in just a few minutes.


This foot massager bath includes everything you could want in a foot bath—bubbles, heat, mas sa nodes, intense vibration, & the foat soak too. Included with the foot spa is a bath of salts made witheucalyptus oil, peppermint oil, rosemary oil, camphor oil & Epsom salt.

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If you"re not a người of deep massages, mas sa rollers with dotted nodes can become uncomfortable quickly. This foot bath is designed with Tai Chi shiatsu rollers instead, which are bigger và rounder, making them feel a little less intense. Still, the nodes are motorized, so you"ll still feel that next-màn chơi relief.

If you"re looking for something convenient, this foot bath is it. It comes with a concealed handle and wheels so that you can move sầu it around, a removable massage surface and filter for easy cleaning, & a detachable cover to lớn prevent water from splashing around. That"s in addition to lớn its temperature control & massaging features.

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If you"re looking for something to keep you feet warm và toasty as you relax any soreness away, the Kendal foot spa làm đẹp actively heats water, instead of just maintaining a warm temp. It"s built with a safety tool lớn keep it from overheating though, or you can manually turn off the heat.

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