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In the morning of April 16th, Thu Cuc Clinics opened a new branch at No. 115, Nguyen Gia Thieu Street, Suoi Hoa District, Bac Ninc City. On the occasion of the opening, we offered discounts up to lớn 70% applied for beauty care services, this event attracted the attention of various customers.

To meet the increasing demvà for beauty care of women all over the country, Thu Cuc Clinics has opened more và more clinics throughout the country in order lớn provide best services with perfect quality to their customers.

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Attending the opening ceremony of Thu Cuc Clinic in Bac Ninh, a 36 years old woman, Mrs. Minch Tuyet said “From now on, I can experience beauty care services of Thu Cuc right here in my home page town. So happy about that”

All customers at the ceremony showed their joy, having the opportunity khổng lồ experience natural, safe and effective beauty care services. Besides, they also received special gifts from Thu Cuc Clinics.


“Experiencing facial care with Vitamin C, I enjoyed a discount up lớn 70% for this service. After a full course of treatment, my skin becomes lighter và radiant” said Mrs. Bich Van, a 33 years old customer.

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On the occasion of the opening, Thu Cuc Clinics offered a variety of hot deals. ./ Mrs. Khanh khô Ngoc – a 28 year old business staff said: “Being one of the very first 50 customers experiencing high-tech treatment of melasma, I am so surprised & happy lớn receive sầu a voucher up lớn 3 million dong”

In additions, Thu Cuc Clinics also offered many other preferential programs for customers such as 30% discount for professional skin treatment or vouchers worth 500 thousvà vnd for the very first 100 customers using our beauty care services.

At Thu Cuc Clinics, customers have sầu the opportunity khổng lồ experience skin care services with specially designed protocols performed by highly-skilled estheticians.

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Advanced facilities for intensive sầu skin treatments of acne, hyperpigmentation, age spots, etc., monitored 

Let call us at our hotline center 1900 5588 96 for consultation và treatment , and you may also have the opportunity to lớn get great đơn hàng from us.


With clear development goals và relentless efforts, has striven khổng lồ become a large & multi-industry corporation with the commitment that reputation is the top priority, contributing to the building of a strong và prosperous country.

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