The K –pop bands not only had huge người following in the mother country but are famous in the country other counties too. The k- pop bands like ‘Blackpink’ and ‘BTS’ are not only in trend but had huge bạn following. The fans are always curious about the idols personal life and eagerly wait for something new lớn gossip about. Similar fans got a chance lớn gossip about the secret dating of Blackpink’s Rose with Suzy Bae.

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BLACKPINK’s Rose & Suzy

Roseanne Park better known as Mononym Rose aao ước the fans is a New Zealvà singer based in South Korea. Rose was born in New Zealvà and was raised in Australia. She was signed with YG entertainment of the auditions in 2012.she is trained by the YG entertainment for four years and later became a member of the girl group ‘Blackpink’. Which was formed in 2010 by YG entertainment. She made her debut as a vocamenu in năm 2016.


Rose was featured at labelmate G – Dragon as a solo artist in 2012 traông xã “Without you”which became the number 10 on the Gaon digital chart. The huge tín đồ following on Instagram is over 34 million followers. She is the third most followed Korean individual. She even appeared on the Korean business research institutes female celebrity br& reputation menu interest aý muốn the top 10.

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Unlike Rose Suzy is well-known in South Korea as an actor và singer. She is a member of the girl group ‘Miss A’ which was formed by the JYP.. entertainment in 2010. Suzy started with the carrier as an actress in ‘Dream High’. She even appeared in series like ‘Gu family Book’, ‘Uncontrollably Fond’ ,’ While You Were Sleeping’, ‘Vagabond’ and ‘Start-up’. She received many awards và is as famous as Rose.

Relationship Rumor

The friends started gossiping about both dating a charger by following the Instagram post. Both celebrities uploaded photos on Instagram of them going to Paris on the same day same destination Android same background. First Instagram post was uploaded by Rose from her flight to lớn Parish. Suzy uploaded the pholớn of the plane after few weeks. Rose posted on an Instagram photo of her sightseeing destination which was full of beautiful flowers và green stairways. She even uploaded her photos in which she’s seen a saloon.

Suzy uploaded the photo of the same destination where Rose was seen earlier và of the same saloon. This made the fans to reach on the dating conclusion. This all can be a mear coincident as both are in the same field. This also can be the outing of two friends who wanted to spend some time together. There’s no confirmation from anyone about the two dating it’s a story that is getting cooked by the fans.