The Unexpected Friendship Between Son Ye Jin And Yoona, Kim Hee Sun And Song Hye Kyo

HOT- Song Yoon Ah revealed Son Ye Jin’s real personality, affirming that this is the “weapon” that steals Hyun Bin’s heart!

Actress Song Yoon Ah’s sharing about Son Ye Jin received the attention of the audience.

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MBN’s Eat More program received the attention of the audience with the presence of famous actress Song Yoon Ah. Here, the actress shared about her private life as well as the best friends in showbiz. In particular, sharing about Son Ye Jin received the attention of TV viewers.


Specifically, Song Yoon Ah shared, “I often Hotline Son Ye Jin a happy virus when I encounter something unhappy. Son Ye Jin makes me find joy, live in harmony with everyone. She can make people always feel happy around. I read a phản hồi from a Chinese fan saying that Son Ye Jin is a fairy, always witches you khổng lồ be happy & it correct”.

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Song Yoon Ah is a 42-year-old beauty who is a famous actress of the Korean screen with Lee Young Ae, Bae Yong Joon, Lee Byung Hun, Klặng Hee Sun, Choi Ji Woo & has always been rated as outstanding beauties. of the entertainment industry. Meanwhile, Son Ye Jin is familiar with the audience through the movie Summer Scent, Crash Landing On You, … is a familiar face in Korean beauty charts. Therefore, Song Yoon Ah’s chia sẻ of Son Ye Jin received the attention of a large audience.

Not only that, fans of the couple Hyun Bin – Son Ye Jin are also not afraid to tóm tắt about Song Yoon Ah’s revelation. Many people believe sầu that Son Ye Jin, with a cheerful personality, always brings joy lớn others, is Son Ye Jin’s “weapon” to steal Hyun Bin’s heart. Because during the times when the two act together, the audience easily sees that the couple has shown sweet & happy moments of both on film or behind the scenes.